The Common Pitfalls of Choosing a Small Business Payroll Service

Most of the time, when small business owners are not happy with their current payroll service provider it is usually because they did not ask the right questions before they signed up.  However, sometimes things are completely out of their control.  In this article, we’ll make you aware of the possible pitfalls that small business owners experienced when they outsourced their payroll.

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Select the Best Payroll Service Provider and Save Money

If you shop around for the best payroll price quotes you usually find that choosing the right payroll service provider saves you money.  However, you must predetermine the features your company needs and know your tax service needs.

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Paying Federal Employment Taxes

Do you own a company or plan to own a company in the future?  If so, this post will be important for you to read.  Did you know you have to pay federal employment taxes?  There are essentially three kinds of federal employment taxes: employee only, employer only, and lastly: employee and employer taxes.  We will discuss some of the general ideas you must be aware of when it comes to federal employment tax.

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Selecting the Best Small Business Payroll Software

For some new small businesses, payroll software may be the smartest option.  This is typically because purchasing payroll accounting software is less expensive than outsourcing payroll services or contracting an in-house bookkeeper.  If you are a small business and payroll is needed payroll software could be the best option. Consider the information in this article while you shop for a package.

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Main Reasons Business Owners Choose Payroll Services

One of the main reasons business payroll services started was to help other businesses cut their costs.  When you have one less department to pay your business saves cash.  These payroll companies simply get pay and benefits straight.  Hiring an outside payroll company saves money and ensures that payroll and benefits get handled correctly.

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What’s New in Payroll?

When it comes to outsourcing payroll take a look at the online payroll processing services.  These providers allow a business to enter its data and view it using any web browser.  After the payroll data gets entered, the service provider auto-calculates, deducts, pays, and then files all of the federal, state, and local taxes.  These services allows your employee paychecks  to be printed on a printer or routes the payment to the employee’s bank account using direct deposit.  These services also automatically prepare W-2 forms at the end of the year.  One of the best things about on line payroll services is the control an employer has.  A while back payroll service providers had business owners’ call in their payroll at a designated time.  Online services allow payroll to be processed whenever it is convenient for the business owner.

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The Confusion Caused by the Payroll Laws in the United States

Having a hard time keeping up-to-date with the most recent government regulations, tax laws, and tax codes governing how employees should be paid? Had enough of the confusion? Had enough of the myriad of tax forms and their appropriate due dates? Well, you’re not alone. A number of companies have a hard time navigating the complexities of the payroll laws in the United States. For instance, there’s the 940 form of the Federal Unemployment Tax Act, or more commonly referred to as simply “FUTA,” and its strict guidelines as an employer only tax on the first $7,000.00 of an employee’s earnings. There’s the 941 form, or more commonly known as the “Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return,” which is used to report the amount of Medicare taxes, Social Security and Federal withholding amounts for the IRS. Then there’s the 945 form, which is used to report the amount of non-payroll withholding amounts for employees.

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The Advantages of Advanced Online Payroll Services

Selecting an online payroll service company is a key business decision.  If you own a growing company, payroll service providers can increase your employee satisfaction and productivity.

Here are several key areas to assess:
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